Dr. Larry Harrison

I am a Northern California native, born in Oakland. I received my B.S. Degree after 4 years at University of California at Berkeley, my B.S. in Optometry degree from Pennsylvania School of Optometry and completed my Doctorate in Optometry at Pacific University near Portland, Oregon. 

I am a Therapeutic Certified Optometrist with a license to treat and prescribe medications for a variety of eye conditions including allergy, dry eyes and eye infections. 

One of my favorite things is working to solve vision issues that are challenging and thinking outside-the- box’ in ways to improve vision or solve you specific needs.

During your eye exam, I will check for glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and any other eye condition that might potentially impair your vision along with determining your best vision correction.

One of my favorite things is solving challenging visual problems in a way to enhance daily tasks or work needs in the most efficient and comfortable ways.  It is very important that any child have a professional eye examination by the age of 4 yrs old. There are important factors that could hamper children’s learning skills if not caught soon enough.

Listening to your areas of discomfort and concerns is vital to coming up with options for your improved visual comfort. It’s important to me that you have enough time to explain everything about your eyes or vision.  I am a TPA certified Optometrist which means I can help you with eye infections and prescribe eye medications when needed.

Sometimes, its just taking the time to do a thorough prescription check that solves your issues. Other times, it may be thinking ‘outside-the-box’ in ways that would better work in your own life situation.

Looking forward to seeing you and your family.​​